Alleged Defilment : Video Shows 2-Year – Old Child Draw Chrisland School Supervisor’s Genital 

Says He put his “wee wee ” into my “wee wee
A shocking video clip meant to reveal how a school supervisor, Adegboyega Adenekan who allegedly defiled a two-year-old pupil of Chrisland School was on Monday played before Justice Sypril Nwaka of a Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja.
The video was admitted into evidence after a prosecution witness, Olivie Ogedengbe narrated before the court what transpired in her interaction with the child that was defiled and her mother.
The school supervisor, Adegboyega Adenekan, 47 is standing trial for alleged defilement of a child.
The prosecution alleges that Adenekan committed the offence sometime in November 2016 at Chrisland School, Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos.
The witness has worked with the psychiatric department of the Lagos State Teaching Hospital LASTH, Office Of Public Defendant,  DPP and a certified psychologist with Friedlich Consultant,
Led- in-her evidence by the prosecution team led by B.T Boye, the witness told the court that the mother of the child who was being referred to as the survivor walked into her office looking dejected and unkempt and handed her a referral letter.
“The survivor mother told me that she did not know her child has been defiled until someone gave her a book on sexual education on  children and she decided to practices what she has learnt on her daughter.
“The mother said she took the child to the toilet in order for her to ease herself and she instructed her not to allow anyone to touch her “wee wee” (genitals) but to her surprise, the child said Mr Adenekan used to touch her “wee wee”.
Ogedengbe also said during her interaction with the child, she told her mother that Mr Adenekan usually take her away from the class and showed her video that are sexually stimulated.
“I also find out during my interaction with the child that her intellectual capacity was highly above average, she is more matured than her physical age.
“When I asked the child who touched her ” wee wee” she said Mr. Adenekan does that on several occasion and she also said he told her that it is good to put her “wee wee” in his “wee wee” I was shocked because I did not expect such from a child of her age.
“At a point, I decided to do a recording of the interaction to ensure her story is consistence.
Video of the psychologists’ interaction with the kid was played in the open court to the awe of the crowd as the child was seen drawing the genital of Mr Adenekan and through a puppet she was demonstrating how she was being kissed by Adenekan.
The child in the video also identified the her genital and described Mr Adenekan’s own.
The witness also said the child was able to demonstrate playfully by pointing upward when asked to describe what Mr Adenekan’s “wee wee” looks like. She also drawed a picture of a man’s sexual organ when asked to draw a what Mr Adenekan’s genital looks like.
“The mother also said the child was exhibiting strange behavior like having problem with sleep, having nightmares and that she always curious to see naked bodies and she pleaded to us to help her child.
“I also showed her the picture of Mr Adenekan, and she confirmed he is her friend.
She further told the court that the video recorder was transferred from her phone to a Dell computer in our office and it was burned on a CD and deleted from my phone because of the issue of confidentiality.  I also certified the copy.
Under cross-examination, the psychologist affirmed before while asked by  the defence counsel, Mr Olatunde Adejuyigbe (SAN) that she and her team met with the mother of another victim in the same school who was also being defiled by the defendant but the mother does not want to be involved in the case.
Ogedengbe also confirmed that the school was not willing to be involved in the investigation.
“I saw the child and the mother thereafter for two months, trying to help both of them. The mother also told me that she already withdraw the child from the school because the school does not see reason with her and were tightening up towards her.
“I admit it is possible for a child to be tutored but if a child is being tutored in this situation, she can not cram all the lines and if she was tutored you will see it in her behavior in the video we all watched.
“Even if a child is tutored, she will definitely miss out the lines, so I disagreed with the fact that she was being tutored, because she was not” Ogedengbe said.
Justice Sybil Nwaka thereafter adjourned the matter till March 21 for continuation of trial.