Ban Chlorophyll Liquor “Sokudaye” Now, Lawmakers Tell LASG

The Lagos State House of Assembly, on Tuesday asked the government to ban the sales of a liquor-like drink, popularly referred to as “sokudaye” and other hazardous liquid substance in the state.
Sokudaye is a chemical drink usually stored in bottles and hawked by the hausas. 
Hon. Akeem Sokunle representating Oshodi/Isolo Constituency I, who moved the motion during plenary, said that the drink is not a consumable product, but a chemical. 
Sokunle explained that they took the product to the laboratory, and that the instruction on the bottle stated that it should not be inhaled. 
“The chemical is used for embalment. They would mix it with water, it would not make you high, they only say that it would clear your chest. 
“It is not a regulated product and it is not being approved. It should be banned from the system,” he said.
Shokunle explained that ‘Sokundaye’ affects the central nervous system when consumed, just as he pointed out that the sales of harmful substance that weakens the body and poses threat to the health of consumers is increasing in the state. 
He added that many consumers of the substance do not know the content of the substance.”Sokundaye is from chlorophyll. It has the capacity to destroy the central nervous system that destroys the kidney. 
“It might be the cause of constant kidney problem in the state. The product should be banned”, he added.
The lawmakers who contributed to the matter, said that they were aware of the continous sales of the product and others. 
Hon. Tunde Braimoh representing Kosofe 2 in his submission said that 65% of the Nigerian population is made up of active youths and that the nation neededto protect them. 
Hon. Desmond Elliot, in his comments, said that Sokundaye was just one of the many substances being abused in Lagos State. 
He posited that banning the product was not the solution, and that if it was banned others would come up and that this would not solve the problem. 
“We should orientate the masses on the danger in these products”, said Desmond. 
Hon. Rotimi Olowo representing Somolu 1, in his comments, stressed that the future of Nigeria was at risk. 
He opined that youth are hooked on tramadol on a daily basis, saying that there was need to look at the convergence of the youths that consume these products. 
Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, while commenting, said that generally, even in the United States of America, they have not been able to stop the use of drugs. 
“But the law has to be stronger when it comes to selling to children. We should not allow children and teenagers to have access to it. What the products are being used for is different from what the producers intend them for. 
“We have to stop primary school children from abusing the drugs. We should reach out to the necessary departments in the state Ministry of Health.
“The Ministries of Information, Health and Education should embark on awareness campaign on these products. 
“We also call on market women and men as well as transport workers to embark on campaign against these products,” he said.
The House then called on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of the state, Director General of Lagos State Safety Commission, Ministry of Health and Education and NURTW to campaign against the use of the drugs.