Father Caught Sucking 7-Month Baby Breast

Handcuffed Prisoner

Sesan Folorunsho, a Lagos -based business man has been accused of sexually assaulting his six-year-old son and seven-month-old daughter.
The man was alleged to have committed the act at Olowologbon Street, Akowonjo in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State.
It was gathered that his wife,  Adewunmi, filed a complaint at Gowon Estate Police Station on March 21, with the help of Child Protection Network (CPN).
Adewunmi allegedly caught her husband sucking the baby’s breast about two months ago and rebuked him for the act.
A source said Adewunmi became worried when she noticed that one of the baby’s breasts was abnormal, which indicated that it had been fondled overtime.
According to the source: “When she caught her husband doing it, the woman was alarmed and rebuked him. The man said he was just playing with the child, but the woman did not know that her husband had been molesting the infant.
“After that incident, she stopped leaving the baby with the man and usually left her to sleep in their other room with their son. But she did not know that her husband was also sodomising their six-year-old son.”
The police however could not arrest the suspect on March 21 because he was attending a religious programme outside the state.
The children were said to have been taken to a primary health centre, from where they were transferred to Mirabel Centre at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja for examination.
Adewunmi was advised to inform the police when her husband returned but she suddenly changed her mind, saying she did not want her husband to go to jail.
According to another source, the woman was threatened by her in-laws and she developed cold feet because they both hail from the same community.
“There was so much pressure on the woman not to let her husband go to jail. She was afraid that his family would harm her if he was sent to prison. I know about the case from the church. It was even women in the church who encouraged her to report the matter at the human rights office.
“But after the report, the woman became worried that she was from the same village with the man and that his relatives were threatening her. She said she didn’t want the man to go to jail and was no longer interested in the case,” said the source.
The woman’s whereabouts could however not be ascertained by her neighbors who said they had not seen her for some days.
CPN’s head in Alimosho Precious Ndukwu said the mights group was also worried about the woman’s whereabouts, adding: “We have been unable to reach her on the phone since she called that she was no longer interested in the case.” Ndukwu, who confirmed that the kids were treated at Mirabel, went on: “We have tried to reach her to make her understand that her husband committed a crime against innocent children and shielding him was also a crime, but we’ve been unable to reach her on the phone. We have also been to her house and found no one.”
Lagos Command spokesman Bala Elkana, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), confirmed that the case was reported, but the complainants never came forward for further action.
“Yes, the man’s wife and CPN went to the station to report. The police couldn’t arrest the man that day because she said he was attending a religious programme outside Lagos. She was asked to inform the division when her husband returned, but she never came back. The CPN did not come back either.
“So, the police cannot enforce arrest where the complainants are nowhere to be found. If people are scared about the woman’s safety, let them come to the police and report, to pave the way for investigation,” Elkana said.