How F-SARS Shot Me In The Leg – Victim Narrates

….He Is Our Informant, Notorious Cultist – F-SARS
One of the victims allegedly assaulted by officers of F-SARS Adetiba Sunday,  yesterday narrated to a presidential panel how he was shot on the leg by officers attached to the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad, Magbon, Abeokuta.

 Sunday an aluminum fabricator, said he was at his place of work when one Godwin Ogedengbe and some of his team members came to arrest him. 
A panel which was set up by Prof. Yemi Osibajo,  who was the then acting president  for the purpose of hearing and investigating the complaints against SARS and make recommendations to government on how SARS could be reformed. 
The panel began hearing on the victims complaints on Tuesday. 
At the Thursday hearing, while narrating his ordeal to the panel, Sunday said he was not taken to the hospital after being shot neither does his family members knew his whereabouts. 
 “When I was arrested at Ogijo, Mr Ogedengbe shot me on my leg and took me to Ogijo Police Station before I was transferred to Magbon in Abeokuta.
” I was later taken to Ogijo Police Station where I met four other suspects and Mr Ogedengbe asked them if they knew me, it was only one that said he knew me and when I was asked if I knew them I answered in negative and immediately, Mr Ogedengbe slapped me, pushed my face to the ground and started marching me.
“After four or five days at Magbon, I was brought out of the cell to write my statement but I refused because I don’t know my offence. Inspector Ogedengbe told me to stretch my second leg and threatened to shoot it if I don’t write my statement; he later wrote the statement himself.
“I was in detention for about a month before I was taken to court, I was charged with six or seven people to court for conspiracy and cultism but I don’t know them before we were charged to court.
“Before I was taken to court, my family members had looked for me and when they could not find me they concluded that I was dead, it was when the officers took me to my house for a search that my family members knew I was still alive.”
“We attended the court proceedings for like eight times before we were discharged for lack of diligent prosecution.”
Sunday further told the panel that after he was discharged by the court, Inspector Ogedengbe threatened to send him back to prison.
The alleged officer, Ogedengbe, however, denied the allegations against him, adding that Sunday was someone who he had a good relationship with and can never shot him.
He said, “My team was sent to Ogijo due to the land grabber clashes, we arrested one Raphiu who made a statement about the members of his gang and the name of Sunday came up.
“It was at the police station that one officer said Sunday was a notorious cultist that has different types of weapons. We investigated and after investigation, we charged him to court for conspiracy and cultism.
“I have a good relationship with Sunday; he is a notorious criminal who might have gotten his injury from elsewhere. I cannot threaten someone that gives me information, Sunday is our informant, I and my team members pay him for that.” he said.