Killings: Pastor Adeboye Prays Tough Against Perpetrators Of BloodShed, Sponsors In Nigeria

…Says God Will Expose And Destroy Them
  General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye on Friday lead his congregation to pray against those shedding innocent blood in Nigeria.
While Adeboye lead prayers against those behind the killings in Nigerian, he also asked God to deal with those who are conniving and sponsoring them.
The respected man of God also called for prayer against those who are compromising and encouraging killings in the country, asking God to expose and destroy them.
Adeboye who encouraged his congregation to pray with the same zeal that was used to pray against kidnappers last year said people have been calling on him to comment on the ongoing killings in the country and he does not have any word for Nigeria except his children whom he can lead to cry unto God concerning the situation.
“I am a Christian, I am a member of the Christian Association Of Nigeria, CAN , and Pentecostal Christian Fellowship and my leaders have spoken , whatever they said, I am in support; and I don’t need to say anything else, that is what it means to stay under authority
“This call for prayer is for my children alone,” he said.
Adeboye also described the situation of Nigeria with eight equations.
According to him: “There are two sides of me, a mathematician and a pastor, the two cannot be separated from me.
“I will represent the situation with eight equations and they include:
Equation 1: There are certain problems beyond man
Equation 2 : There is no problem beyond God
Equation 3: Man can hide from man
Equation 4: No man can hide from God
Equation 5: Security agents can be compromised ( you can bribe your way out)
Equation 6: God can m not be compromised,his holiness is not negotiable Isaiah 6:1-6
Equation 7: Man can sponsor evil Esther 3:8-9
Equation 8: God can not sponsor evil Job 8:19
He however concluded that answer to the equations is that both the enemies of God and the children of God are making one common mistake.
“Both of them underrated the power of prayer.
 The children of God under rates the power of prayer same as the enemies of God,” he concluded.
Vice-president of Nigeria and his wife, Governor Ambode were among the dignitaries that was lead to prayer against those that are shedding innocent blood in Nigeria.
It will be recalled that violent prayer was lead against those behind kidnapping in Nigeria last year, and shortly after the prayer, billionaire kidnapper Evans was arrested among several others.